One venue with many function spaces tailored to your needs

At the Tramsheds Function Centre in Launceston we offer meeting room packages that go above any beyond. Our rooms are filled with state of the art technical facilities, high density wifi and are loaded with natural light so you won’t have to worry about your guests or clients feeling like they’re in a clinical setting. Plus, natural light = longer attention spans (bonus!).

When it comes to the basics of our rooms we can adjust our seating layouts to whatever you require, then, depending on your package, we can leave you to run your event or give you a helping hand throughout the course of your booking.

At Tramsheds we are committed to ensuring your clients and staff receive the highest standards in everything we provide. So, if you need a meeting room in Launceston, we’ve got you covered.

Catering runs in the family.

Tramsheds is owned by the same friendly and experienced team that runs the well known and loved Matson Catering business. Because of this you can expect nothing but amazing, seasonal and local food offerings that will inspire your guests and make your next event even more memorable than your last.

Seating Capacity and Configurations


Auditorium: 400*

Tram Room 29: 300

Tram Room 28: 100

Boardroom: 25

*Including 2 extra rows of individual chairs added

Cocktail (Standing)

Auditorium: N/A

Tram Room 29: 300

Tram Room 28: 150

Boardroom: 30


Auditorium: N/A

Tram Room 29: 55

Tram Room 28: 26

Boardroom: N/A


Cabaret (Seats 6)

Auditorium: N/A

Tram Room 29: 150

Tram Room 28: 36

Boardroom: 20

Banquet (Seats 10)

Auditorium: N/A

Tram Room 29: 170

Tram Room 28: 90

Boardroom: N/A



The Auditorium is one of Launceston’s largest built-in theatre settings. Raked seating facing an elevated stage makes this space perfect for plenary keynote sessions.
The Auditorium is conveniently attached to Tram Room 28 with double-door access which can be used as a main entry/exit and registration area and open bar. Alternatively, rear door access is available from the main hallway.


Microphone, Digital sound desk & PA System, Full Air Conditioning


Tram Room 29


Tram Room 29 boasts a huge 300sqm open-plan layout with natural light and comfortable furnishings. It also comes equipped with a large and exclusive bar. Up to 3 projector screens are available throughout the room and a separate space can be created with a floor to ceiling curtain. All of this makes Tram Room 29 a very versatile working area suitable for any size group or occasion


Presenter Table, 1 Microphone, PA System, 3 Data Projectors & Screens, Wi-Fi & Full Air Conditioning, Mints & Still water per table.

Included on request: Lectern, whiteboard & markers.

Tram Room 28


Tram Room 28 provides a comfortable setting for your next meeting. Views to the courtyard provide natural light and help your delegates escape the ‘box’ of a meeting room. Professional built-in audio-visual equipment make presenting in this mid-size room a breeze. Equipped with an in-room bar, Tram Room 28 can also host mid-size dinners and cocktail events up to 150 standing.


Presenter Table, 1 Microphone, PA System, 1 Data Projector & Screen, Wi-Fi & Full Air Conditioning, Mints & Still water per table.

Included on request: Lectern, whiteboard & markers.



The Boardroom comfortably and professionally supports your presentation. Designed with smaller groups in mind, this space helps to keep your delegates focused. Just a few steps from the main entry, the Boardroom can be both naturally lit or completely private.


LCD 65” Screen / HDMI connection, whiteboard & markers, Wi-Fi & Full Air Conditioning, Mints & Still water per table.

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